Team Sessions

SingTonicity is hassle free – we come to you, you give us your people and we guarantee it to be a successful event. Its serious fun.

A SingTonicity event:

  • Keeps your team working well together
  • Keeps your team enthused
  • Keeps your team fresh and creative

SingTonicity works with your company’s most valuable asset – your workforce. Customers and clients do not do business with companies but rather they have a relationship with the people in the company.  It’s therefore vital for leaders and managers to ensure their people are energised, productive, resourceful, fulfilled and empowered.

The overwhelming and often underestimated power of the human voice is a powerful tool in uniting and empowering your team. Breath work brings about a new awareness of the power of using your breath to improve your voice, help in presenting and creating empathy with your audience.

We have strategies to help your team increase their productivity, energy levels and general well being. Using our voices to produce sounds, harmony and rhythms unites a team quickly and leads to an exciting and fun event.

“Harmonies are so beguiling because they are like a conversation in which each individual can contribute and be heard at the same time”
Daniel Levitin

The Benefits of a SingTonicity team building event include:

  1. Renewal and stress management
  2. Acceptance and belonging in the team
  3. Increased energy, productivity and awareness
  4. Break down of barriers between each other
  5. Attentiveness in listening to others
  6. Strengthened trust among colleagues
  7. Increased confidence, self-belief and team morale

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