At the end of a SingTonicity event participants experience a feeling of well being, release of tension, lightness of spirit and a great sense of accomplishment and confidence. In our experience these benefits carry over into all aspects of their work and personal life.

I have found SingTonicity to be most invigorating yet relaxing, in a totally unique way – the combination of body and vocal movements provides gentle therapy in a most humorous manner (and we all need it)… we are not competing with each other, but working as a team at our own pace. Who needs to join a Gym when you can join Tonicity instead? – go on your body deserves it.

P McG Architect

No talent is necessary because your body reacts to sound and vibrations whether you sing in tune or not! No musical knowledge is required – We all have a voice.
Music and song provide a connection with an array of emotional states much more easily than with language. Learning how to free our voice, using it as a tool to get in touch with our emotions and bringing awareness to our breathing provides many benefits both in mind and body.

SingTonicity singing creates a special energy between people that can lead to a real sense of community, team spirit and a sense of belonging. 

It leaves you feeling vibrant, light and confident. It is guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face! The fun experienced is infectious.  

If you would like a SingTonicity session for your colleagues, your clients or your members, or join in a SingTonicity public class please contact us.

It’s like a singsong – the breathing exercises can help if you are feeling stressed and need a bit of time out – it’s like a vocal stress ball!


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